Gallery of Thames Citizens’ Band

Pic 02. 1901 Thames Naval Brigade Band


(L to R) (Back) J. Robinson, A.Wells, J.Coutts, R.Pearse(D.Major), W.McDermott, C.Robinson, G.Fisher,
(3rd row) H.James, A.Kummert(Hon. Member), A.Tonkin, W.J.Turner, W.Newman, W.O’Brien(Secretary), J.Hindman Sr., S.Agnew, F.A.Dobbs(Hon. Member),
(2nd row) J.E.Hardman, R.Hastings, G.E.Cowley, C.H.Lawn(Band Mstr), W.Robinson, J.H.Hindman Jr., J.Hastings, J.M.Robinson,
(Frnt) W.Henderson, W.James, T.H.Brownlee.

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